Could Matt Harvey Land in Detroit? (OP-ED)

Mets (former) ace Matt Harvey was designated for assignment today, with the purpose of either trading or releasing him. The odds of the Mets trading him are slim, as most teams know they should be able to pick him up for next to nothing with his impending release. While Detroit would have no interest in paying him a huge pile of money, if they can pick him up off the scrap heap, it could be a spot to resurrect his floundering career. Chris Bosio guided the 2009 Nashville Sounds, who’s biggest name on the staff was Manny Parra to the lowest ERA in the PCL, turned Jake Arrieta into a world beater in 2015, and could make a few tweaks to Harvey to make him look like the potential Cy Young winner he was destined to be in New York. Ron Gardenhire is the right type of manager, and Chris Bosio is the right kind of coach, to make this a good situation. The team is not expect to be more than a .500 club, so it’s a low pressure situation. The only problem is Matt Harvey himself. One has to hope that this experience has been humbling for him, and he realizes that he’s not the superstar the New York market once made him out to be. To fit in around Detroit, he needs to be ready to come in and work just as hard for his success as the fans do. It’s why guys like Ben Wallace and Mike Henneman were beloved by the city.

If Harvey can get out of his own way, be willing to show a little humility, be willing to fall into a situation like the Tigers would present, and trust that Chris Bosio knows what he’s doing; maybe Harvey’s mantle can fill up with hardware like many thought it would.