Knutson’s Midwest Open Moved to Feb 10

Hoping for colder weather to make its mark, Tom Knutson held out until the last possible moment to push back the 2019 Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament.

The new date is now set for February 10th.

“The ice just has not formed this week the way I had kind of hoped it would.” Knutson said.  Since January 10, Knutson said the ice conditions have been improving, but not to the point to hold a tournament. As of yesterday, the lake had just 2 inches of ice with some open areas. Not only does Knutson say that it is unsuitable for a tournament, but the ice is not safe for any activities at this time, “The ice for sure is not safe. I should be warning people we do not have the ice conditions to be safe on. It could get there by the end of the weekend.”

Knutson has pushed back the deadline to withdraw from the tournament to January 30th. He says that he has 50 alternates available to fill any openings. Those in the tournament will receive an update on the tournament situation on January 29th. Those wishing to withdraw should call Shelly at 517-592-2786.