Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament Cancelled

In a statement released to teams, the Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament was cancelled today.

Tom Knutson, tournament organizer said, “Who would have thought with the cold weather we had last week that we would be canceling the event this week. The ice conditions are less than the 8” that is my mark to have a tournament. With 53 degrees and rain projected for Thursday there is no way we are going to gain anything by tournament time. Because we strive to put on the best event in Ice Fishing having a walking tournament is not an option.”Again we are very sorry about this situation, it is out of our hands and makes us just as upset as you. Please be safe out there on the ice no matter where the rest of the season takes you.”

In an interview with Jackson ESPN, Knutson said that those that are signed up will roll over to 2020.