Vandercook Lake High School Names New Hoops Coach

Vandercook Lake High School announced James Bradley as their new head coach for the boy’s basketball team. Bradley will be the team’s fourth coach in three years. Ryan Zyla left at the end of the 2017 season, Randy Swoverland resigned after a 1-14 start last year after what the school cited as “different philosophies” between where Swoverland wanted to take the team, and what the roster was willing to do. John Willis coached the remainder of the season.

In a statement provided to Jackson ESPN, Vandercook Lake Athletic Director Barb Blair said, “He has accepted the challenge to reignite this program which has struggled for a few years. He is taking on the challenge knowing what we expect and running with it to accomplish those expectations and more. We are excited at the positive force he will bring to the program and moving forward under his leadership.”

Blair also indicated that Bradley has previous coaching experience with Jackson High School, and in addition to basketball, Bradley has coached football.

Stay tuned to Jackson ESPN for more information as the story develops.